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Getting around Acapulco without a car is not a problem due to the number of taxis that operate around the city. It is helpful to know the 3 types of taxis in Acapulco:

  • VW beetle taxi are everywhere and most of them are not air conditioned. The fares are generally lower compared to the sedan style hotel taxis.
  • Larger sedan style taxis that are parked in front of hotels. These are air conditioned but fares are not as flexible as the VW beetle.
  • Colectivo taxis are smaller yellow and white sedan taxis that mostly locals use. These can be flagged anywhere and share the ride with other passengers.

Important Information

  • Taxis don’t have meters. It is important to agree on the fare before hopping in.
  • Negotiate the price if the fare requested is too high.
  • Prices are slightly higher after sunset.
  • Bus service stops at 11, taxi prices will be even higher and during the busy times: spring break, Semana Santa (Holy Week), Christmas and New Year.
  • To avoid confusion, write down the name of the place you are headed and show it to the driver to avoid miscommunication.
  • Tips are not expected but appreciated.
  • Although US dollar bills are accepted, it is best to carry pesos with you and pay in smaller bills.