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Flight Info

The General Juan N Alvarez International Airport (ACA) is 15 km away from the Acapulco city center, which is roughly a 30 minute trip.

There are several ways to get to the Acapulco Airport. Here is a list of airlines that fly to Acapulco and their origins.

  • America West files direct from Phoenix and Sacramento.
  • Continental Airlines flies non-stop from Houston.
  • Mexicana has flights to Acapulco from Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Chicago and Miami, all connect through Mexico City.
  • American Airlines flies non-stop from Dallas/Fort Worth with connections from almost anywhere.
  • Aeromexico connects all flights through Mexico City.
  • Delta Airlines flies into Mexico City and then connects via Aeromexico.

So how do you find the best airfares to Acapulco. Is it best to book airlines, hotels and rental cars together or purchase them separately? These questions are on the minds of all travelers, that is why we suggest that you research online airline fares, along with special offers, seasonal promotions from various airline hubs and most of all…plan ahead!

When dialing the local number from the U.S. or Canada, always dial 011 52 (744) before the number shown.

  • Acapulco Airport: 466-9434 (ACA)


  • America West Airlines 466-9257
  • American Airlines 466-9232
  • Aeromar 466-9392
  • Aeromexico 485-1600
  • Continental AirlinesĀ 466-9063
  • Delta Airlines 800 902-2100
  • Mexicana Airlines 466-9136