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Getting the most out of Acapulco Watersports

by David Clough on July 30, 2011

Acapulco ShorelineImage by Juan Pedro Diez

Acapulco is located at the perfect beach location, on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The region is a highly popular destination for tourists from all around the world, and Acapulco itself has long been hailed as one of Mexico’s liveliest resort towns. The town itself boasts a great range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, but for many people, the real draw is the fantastic stretch of coastline. While beaches in Acapulco are famous for their fine golden sands and warm waters, one of the largest draws to the area has to be the exciting range of Acapulco water sports .

Aquatic Things to do In Acapulco

Visitors to Acapulco can engage in a diverse range of exciting activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving, jet boat riding, wind surfing, sports fishing or jet skiing in Acapulco. With many facilities aimed at children as well, water sports in Acapulco can make for a great family holiday in Mexico. There are also exciting opportunities for para sailing, a sport invented right here in Acapulco!

The Acapulco Diving Scene is World Class!

There are plenty of opportunities to go diving in Acapulco. The area boasts some beautiful coral reefs, subterranean caverns, sinkholes and of course, the colorful Acapulco Marine Life. A number of courses and schools can be found around Acapulco, which offer equipment hire as well as lessons taking you through from absolute novice level to coaching for more experienced divers. Diving tours in Acapulco offer visitors the chance to explore aquatic wonders such as sunken ships, sea-mountains and intricate coral formations. Depending on the season, you’ll be likely to encounter weird and wonderful marine life including sea horses, turtles, sharks and sea snakes.

Acapulco Fishing BoatImage by Janice Waltzer

With such abundant marine life in Acapulco, it’s no surprise that sport fishing is such a popular attraction. There are plenty of companies that will hire out fishing boats for a day or even a week! The warm Pacific waters at Acapulco attract a great range of big game fish, such as sailfish, marlin and dorado. If you’re interested in sea fishing, then a vacation to Acapulco is one of the best destinations for you in Mexico.

Jet Skis, Bay Activities, and Marine Acapulco Tours

For those looking for a high-octane Mexican vacation, there’s a great range of motor-powered water sports on offer in Acapulco. You can ride a shotover jet boat down the Papagayo River at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, or try water skiing across the Coyuca lagoon. There’s a number of good spots for windsurfing in Acapulco, or for a breath-taking view of the whole bay, take to the air as you para sail above the Pacific ocean!

So, if you’re looking for fun-packed activities in Mexico, then check out the Acapulco water sports scene. From ruined ships at the depths of the ocean, to the dramatic view as your soar above Acapulco by para sail; the options are endless, and in Acapulco, not even the sky is the limit.

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