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Acapulco weddings are a beautiful and romantic way to experience your special day. A beautiful setting, amazing weather, affordable price, and en exotic locale make Acapulco a great choice for your destination wedding.

Hotels and Resorts Available with Wedding Accommodations

Acapulco Weddings: General Tips

Planning a destination wedding in Acapulco can be overwhelming and at times confusing. Hiring a wedding planner is common and helpful way to organize your wedding.

Consider the many options for planning your special day:

  • All-inclusive resorts are highly practical and take care of many details
  • Renting a villa allows for great personalization and intimacy
  • Specialty hotels create a unique and memorable experience
  • On-the-shore ceremonies create a magical ambience and spectacular scenery
  • Yacht and cruise weddings make for an elegant and interesting reception and ceremony

It is best to research the many options for photographers, florists, stylists, etc. to ensure the right look for your Acapulco wedding. You will find that many local restaurants feature exquisite cuisine with a wide range of options available for your wedding reception or party dinners. Also, many resorts and hotels offer complete wedding packages covering all the wedding details.

Most importantly, don’t forget to negotiate the best price for your Acapulco Wedding!

Acapulco Weddings: Legal Information

After deciding on Acapulco as the site for your perfect destination wedding, be sure to follow these tips to ensure a beautiful (and legal!) wedding. If you have more questions or concerns about this legal process, you should be advised to contact the Mexican consulate. Keep in mind, you and 4 witnesses must have had a valid passport for 6 months prior to your arrival in Mexico.

You will need the following translated in Spanish by approved translator excluding passports:

  • Marriage application from local registry office in Mexico
  • Blood tests performed in Mexico within certain time frame of marriage application
  • Birth certificates of bride and groom
  • Original tourist permits given at port of entry in Mexico
  • Divorce and/or death certificates of previous spouses if applicable
  • Must be 18 years of age OR have parental consent