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Acapulco is one of Mexico’s most famous beach resorts located on the Pacific coast. With its beautiful bay, calm waters of its beaches and warm weather, it is no wonder that visitors flock to this exciting city. The nightlife scene is varied, from loud and lively discos to intimate piano bars with some incredible tropical shows thrown in to keep everyone interested.

Everyone should be able to find something to to do at night in Acapulco. The discos open late and may stay open until sunrise. Many of the bars keep the same closing hours. Acapulco nightlife is one of the hottest adult playgrounds in Mexico. Come and see for yourself!

Name Area Entertainment Telephone
Aca Pub Francisco Pizarro #49 Sports Bar 481-0441
Andromedas Costera M Alemán #16 Discotheque 484-8815
Baby’O Costera M Alemán #22 Discotheque 484-7474
B&B Gran Vía Tropical #5 Discotheque 483-0469
Bugsy’s Cristobal Colón #100 Bar 484-9904
Café Pacífico Piano Costera M Alemán #132 Piano Bar 484-8889
Carlos’N Charlies Costera M Alemán #112 Fun Bar 484-0039
Cero Grados Playa Condesa Bar 484-8230
Disco Beach Terraza Playa Condesa Terrace Bar 484-8230
Disco Beach Playa Condesa Discotheque 484-8230
Disco Romance Hotel El Campanario Bar 484-8830
Dixie’s Costera M Alemán #26 Bar 484-2261
El Alebrije Costera M Alemán #3308?? Rock & Pop 484-5002
El Fogonazo Costera M Alemán Bar 484-5079
El Jarrón Costera M Alemán #22 Bar 484-6023
El Jorongo Hotel Sheraton Bar 481-2222
Enigma Carr. Escénica Las Brisas s/n Discotheque 446-5711
Extravaganzza Carr. Escénica s/n Discotheque 484-7154
Fantasy Centro Comercial La Vista Discotheque 484-6727
Foxys Club Hernán Cortés #28 Night Club 486-7232
Hard Rock Café Costera M Alemán #37 Rock & Roll 484-0047
Kicho’s Costera M Alemán s/n Bar 484-1070
Las Puertas Francisco I Madero #7 Centro Canta-Bar 482-3702
Le’Dome Costera M Alemán #44 Discotheque 484-1190
Mexcal Costera M Alemán #112 Bar & Games 484-0725
My Place Hotel Villa Vera Racquet Club Bar 484-0333
News Costera M Alemán #3308 Bar 484-5902
Nina’s Costera M Alemán #41 Discotheque 484-2400
Ole Mammy Playa Condesa Bar 484-4762
One Dollar Playa Condesa Bar 484-8230
Palladium Carr. Escénica Las Brisas s/n Tropical Disco 482-2400
Paradise Terraza Playa Condesa Terrace Bar 484-5988
Parisien Costera M Alemán #200 Bar 485-5914
Pepe’s Piano Bar La Vista Center Piano Bar 484-8060
Planet Hollywood Costera M Alemán #37 Fun Bar 484-0047
Rock Train Hotel Costa Club Bar 485-9000
Salón “Q” Costera M alemán #23 Latin Rhythms 481-0114
Scalla Carr. Escénica s/n Bar 484-1908
Siboney Interior Extravaganzza Salsa 484-7154
Signo Costera M Alemán #30 Bar 484-1900
Sr. Frog’s Carr. Escénica #28 Fun Bar 484-8020
Tequila’s Le Club Urdaneta #29 Show 485-8623
Tony’s Bar Cristobal Colón #30 Piano Bar 484-1051