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Dining and Nightlife

The Acapulco Dining and Nightlife Experience

Acapulco dining and nightlife are likely to be a  big part of your vacation to Acapulco. Great restaurants are available all over the city, which will give you many options to make your Acapulco dining experience as personalized as you want to make it.  Many of the all inclusive resorts also include dining options for their guests.

Not only will you experience world class dining in on your trip, the nightlife in Acapulco is also wonderful. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and other nightlife establishments spread across the city where you can enjoy yourself. Your vacation won’t be complete until you sample the great Acapulco nightlife and join in the party!

Dining at Acapulco Restaurants

Due to its size, Acapulco has more restaurants than any other Mexican resort city. With many specialized cuisines available you will find an amazing assortment of quality restaurants. Acapulco is home to some of the best restaurants in Mexico, with the quality reflected in the prices. Do not despair; there are many lovely spots to dine that offer a great setting and also reasonable prices. Many of the better restaurants are located on the hills and cliffs around the bay, making for incredibly romantic settings.

The south side of the bay, on Carretera Escénica, is the home of Señor Frogs, which along with their usual great food and drink is one of the best places in Acapulco to enjoy the evening sunsets and the city below, as it lights up for the night.

After Dining, it’s Time to Enjoy the Acapulco Nightlife!

Let there be no doubts about the local nightlife, Acapulco is a party town when the sun goes down. The world famous party scene starts late and ends early the next morning. Do not expect much action in the many discos until around 11 PM; be prepared to stay until sunrise or even later. If you are an early riser it is not unusual to see the last stragglers on their way home well after the sun has come up. 5 AM traffic jams are common on weekends along the Condesa area of the Costera. Acapulco’s entertainment is varied, with wild discos, piano bars, tropical extravaganzas, live shows and concerts.