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Tennis Court Directory

Tennis buffs will find more courts than most other Mexican resorts. A new modern tennis complex at the Mayan Palace is open to the public It is located directly adjacent to the golf course. There are many other locations within Acapulco proper, including Campo de Golf and Tennis on Av. Costera M. Alemán, that will be happy to let you use their courts, for a small rental fee.

Golden Zone Tennis Courts

  • Acapulco Tennis Club

    Costera Miguel Aleman 2 484-0782

  • Crowne Plaza

    Costero Miguel Aleman 123 485-9050
    3 lit courts

  • Grand Hotel Acapulco

    Costera Miguel Aleman #1, 481-2744
    3 lit courts

  • Hotel Emporio Acapulco

    Costera M. Aleman # 21, 484-0909

Acapulco Tennis Courts

  • Camino Real

    Puerto Marques
    1 lit court

  • Clerc Mayan Palace Tennis Academy

    This facility, located at the MAYAN PALACE, is headed by former world #4, Jose Luis Clerc. It offers yearly programs for players 12-18 years old. The program combines academic and tennis instruction.
    Adult clinics, weekly, and summer programs are also offered throughout the year.

  • Club de Golf & Tennis

    Costera Miguel Aleman s/n, 484-0781

  • Club de Tenis Paranormic

    Costera Vieja y Punta Bruja, 484-3318
    2 clay courts located in the hills above Playa Condesa

  • Grand Meigas Acapulco

    Cerro de San Martin # 325 483-9017
    squash courts ONLY

  • Mayan Palace Golf & Tennis Club

    Av. Costera de Las Palmas #1121, 469-0221
    12 lit, covered clay courts. lessons, showers available

  • Parador del Sol

    Carr. Pie de la Cuesta Km 5, 444-050

  • Park Hotel & Tennis Center

    Costera Miguel Aleman #127, 485-5992

  • Villa Vera Raquet Club

    Lomas del Mar #35, 484-0333
    2 lit clay, 2 paddle courts

Acapulco Diamante Tennis Courts

  • Acapulco Princess

    11 courts, 2 indoor & a/c
    The courts at this hotel were recognized by the Professional Tennis Assoc. for their excellence.