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Taxco is one of Mexico’s most unique cities. Famous everywhere, Taxco is known as the silver capital of the world. This easy drive of less than four hours (slightly more by bus) on a modern, well kept toll road will take you back in time. Taxco is one of those quaint, picture perfect towns that never seem to age. If it weren’t for the hordes of taxis and electric poles, you could easily imagine you had jumped into a time machine and gone back a century or two.

The huge church dominates the landscape and the narrow, winding cobblestone streets are seemingly from a different era. There are quaint inns and bed and breakfasts, many with incredible views, so you may want to schedule an over night trip.

The zocalo, or town square, is a great starting point from which to explore Taxco. The square is located directly across from the church and is surrounded by shops and cafes which allow you to enjoy all of Taxco’s daily activity. If you are shopping for silver, in any shape or form, you will not likely find a better place to shop.

Taxco is home to so many silver shops, you will find it impossible to visit all of them. There are other crafts, from all over Mexico for sale here, but you can probably do better in Acapulco where there is more competition. Be aware that the competition to sell all types of silver in Taxco is fierce and you can usually strike a bargain on the listed price, or at least you can try. Taxco also has a nearby golf course which is a good escape back to the modern world from this quaint city.