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Pie de la Cuesta

Pie de la Cuesta is a 20-mile long stretch of Pacific beach famous for incredible sunsets, and the tmany palapa style restaurants and somewhat funky motels that line the beach. This is a great beach for surfers, but swim here only if you are an excellent swimmer.

A very kicked back atmosphere prevails here, unlike Acapulco which always seems to be going too fast for it’s own good. The pace of life here is much more relaxed than in the city. However, on the weekends this peaceful area is invaded by Acapulqueños and you will find only a few other tourists here.

Your visit to this area should be about relaxing, eating, drinking, taking in the sun and also the magnificent sunsets and perhaps a tour of the lagoon. You will find hammocks, fresh sea food and cold Cerveza in abundance at the all of the restaurants. Enjoy!