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Coyuca Lagoon

Coyuca Lagoon, on the other side of the peninsula from Pie de la Cuesta, is a natural fresh water lagoon, covering 28 square miles. The beautiful fresh water lagoon is surrounded by palms and full of water hyacinths and native flora. Coyuca Lagoon is tropical landscape where the exotic islands have been the backdrop for numerous adventure movies.

Coyuca Lagoon is also a paradise for birds with over 250 species. You can enjoy these on a cruise that is offered in a small boat. In addition to nature lovers, Coyuca Lagoon is also a haven for water skiiers and water sport enthusiasts.  Normally, these characteristics normally seem to oppose each other, here they seem to easily blend together.

Lining the shore in Coyuca Lagoon are many ski clubs and restaurants, some with swimming pools. Each restaurant seems to have it’s own special recipe for the different varieties of seafood they serve, each a special treat.