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Acapulco has been a haven for golfers of all levels since the 1970’s. It has five great courses which are all easily accessible to the visitor. Some of them are located near the coast line and offers the golfer fantastic views of the sea. All of them have varying levels of difficulty with plenty of hazards to look out for.

Only one course is located within Acapulco, while the other four are located south of the city. If you are staying in town, the short trip south will be well worth your time. If you are on a tight schedule, two of the courses, The Acapulco Princess and The Pierre Marqués adjoin each other and one can be played within minutes of finishing the other.

Do not overlook the fine course at the Mayan Palace or Tres Vidas, the most southerly of the courses. Tres Vidas in an incredibly beautiful course that is built along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean.

Golf in Acapulco is a popular activity. The beautifully designed courses, the fantastic views and the year round wonderful weather are reasons why visitors come to Acapulco time and time again.