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Sportfishing in Acapulco has been a popular activity for years due to the aquatic treasures that the Pacific Ocean has to offer and its consistently warm and beautiful weather. This area is known for the abundant Pacific sailfish that can reach up to 10 ft and 2000 lbs.

Make sure to check out the Mexican Fishing Regulations prior to your trip if you are not planning on taking an Acapulco fishing charter!

Fishing Calendar

Although Acapulco sport fishing is available year round, the following information is helpful when planning your Acapulco fishing trip. This information may vary slightly year to year because there are several factors that will affect fish population and migration.

Acapulco’s Sportfishing Seasons:

  • Excellent: December – August
  • Very Good: August – October
  • Fair: October- November

Kinds of Fish


This is a deep water species that is Acapulco’s trademark. Sailfish favor warm weather and this is why they are abundant here. When a sailfish is hooked with a live or dead baits, it will perform leaps and dives to set itself free. This can be an entertaining and exciting event for a fisherman.

Pacific Blue Marlin

This particular marlin has a beautiful cobalt blue color with sharp dorsal and anal fins and pectoral fins that fold back against its body. It uses its bill to stun their prey, mostly tuna. Some blue marlins can grow up to 15 t and 1800 lbs.


The dorado can be caught most of the year but it peaks between September to March. It can grow up to 80 lbs. and is a popular for its meat.

Daytime  & Nighttime Fishing

  1. Acapulco fishing charters can be arranged to accommodate the guest’s schedule and wishes. You can go on daytime or nighttime expeditions. Recommendations from your charter company will be given depending on the season and the weather.
  2. Daytime deep sea fishing is usually done from 3 to 8 miles from the shore where the sailfish and others are abundant.
  3. Night time bottom fishing is done in the Acapulco Bay and surrounding area where red snapper & grouper can be caught.

Acapulco sport fishing is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy regardless of age or experience. The fishing guides are bi-lingual, experienced and knowledgeable. Sport fishing charters can be easily arranged through the internet, your concierge or by visiting the offices of the Acapulco sport fishing companies