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Fishing Regulations

Fishing in Acapulco can be great fun, but it is necessary to know the Mexican fishing regulations before your trip, especially if you arn’t taking an Acapulco fishing charter.

Acapulco Fishing Regulations

  1. Valid personal fishing licenses are required for everyone on the boat regardless of participation or age.
  2. Only one rod or line with a hook in the water per person.
  3. Only fish may be captured. Turtles and other marine mammals are protected and therefore are forbidden.
  4. For bottom fish, 4 hooks on a vertical line is allowed.

Limits for Bags and Possession

In the ocean and estuaries, the total limit is 10 fish per day with no more than 5 fish for one species. Except for:

  • Sailfish, marlin, shark and swordfish: only 1 is allowed of either and counts as 5 of any other species.
  • Dorado, rooster fish, shad or tarpon: only 2 is allowed of either and counts as 5 of any other species.

Limit for fishing in rivers, lakes & dams (inland) is

  • 5 fish per day of any species or a combination.

Underwater fishing:

  • limit of 5 per day using spring type harpoons.

No limit to catch & release.

If fishing from a boat out to sea for more than 3 days, the limit is 3 times the number mentioned above.

Acapulco Fishing Violations

  1. Illegal dumping of trash.
  2. Capture of fish for ornamental use.
  3. Collecting shells, corals or disturbing of the marine ecosystem.
  4. Sport fishing within 250 meters from swimmers.
  5. Using artificial light to lure fish.
  6. Discharging of firearms in Mexican water.